English Wheel Fabrication
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English Wheel Fabrication

I first met Harry when I photographed his wedding many years ago and when I was looking for top class artisans to add to my Artisan Project his name came up.

I am blown away by what he and his team create – a Jaguar C-Type Tribute car built from the ground up out of flat sheets of aluminium showed the craftsmanship and attention to detail right down to the louvers, which were made with a handmade Louvre press.

It is such a beautiful car and incredible to believe that these shapes were once flat sheet metal. This was just one of the cars I was able to see and photograph as part of this film.

English Wheel Fabrication is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Precision metal shaping and fabrication using steel or aluminium to customise and restore cars to their former glory. Harry’s extensive knowledge of cars stems from being in the automotive industry for over 18 years, coupled with a talent and passion for meticulous craftsmanship, giving their clients the best possible outcome for their beloved cars.

Quintin Mills, Canon evangelist